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This is a bulletin board for orchestra members — check back here regularly for the latest messages.

Keeping checking the MORE PLAYING button for more musician opportunities.

Rehearsals - Ballet

Orchestra rehearsals for the coming Ballet Des Moines program begin Tuesday, February 13 at Grace, 7:00 p.m. Performance will come quickly, and our time includes spring break. Check Rehearsal Audio page for links to listen to music.

Blast from the past

Back in our 20th season, 1995-1996, DMCO appeared on the weekday TV program, "CBS This Morning," hosted by Paula Zahn and Harry Smith (Harry was gone that broadcast day). Every day the show featured a different group from around the country performing their theme song. Click HERE to see DMAS on the program, and the comments from local CBS affiliate, KCCI. 

Dues reminder

Most members pay their dues promptly - $20.00 for each concert that you intend to perform. If you are behind on this obligation please contact Loren Stoneberg or Carolyn Knittle who can receive your payment. Fellowships are available for members who need financial help with dues - just ask Loren or Carolyn or any other board member to arrange that. 

Rehearsal schedule

As rehearsal details are known, we'll post them below. Details can and do change, so please check back weekly. Times are approximate and can vary.
Check the season schedule for main dates of the season.

Date Day Time


Jan. 02 Tue 7:00-9:30 PM first rehearsal at Grace United Methodist
Jan. 09 Tue 7:00-9:30 PM rehearsal
Jan. 16 Tue 7:00-9:30 PM rehearsal
Jan. 23 Tue 7:00-9:30 PM rehearsal
Jan. 30 Tue 7:00-9:30 PM rehearsal
Feb. 06 Tue 7:00-9:30 PM rehearsal
Feb. 10 Sat 9:30 AM-noon Dress rehearsal at Sheslow -- order:
  Fantasia para un gentilhombre
  Bruch Concerto
Feb. 11 Sun 2:00 PM Concert at Sheslow

The “Flash Mob” - performing Messiah music on Saturday afternoon, Dec. 2:

Location - Center Court, Lower Level, at Jordan Creek Mall
Further specific logistics regarding where people will be standing, etc. will be emailed a couple days prior to the event once I know the specifics of music and attendance.
Messiah Orchestra members please arrive as soon after rehearsal as possible. We will begin the Pastorale Symphony at about 1:55 PM.
The idea is for the Pastorale Symphony to be done as soon as possible (before 2:00)
We would like the Hallelujah Chorus to begin at 2:00 sharp. KCCI will be there to cover us for the news.
We will distribute some new instrumentation/music very shortly. If you can play with a lyre, please do if you don’t have it memorized. If not, please let us know ASAP so we can make other arrangements! There will be a moderate (EASY) modification to the music to bring the brass, winds, and Timp in at bar 5.
Our conductor as well as our news partners are very excited about this.
One final note - officially this is not a flash mob since GCC (The mall management company) does not allow flash mobs. This is being billed as a scheduled performance with an “unscheduled” addition.


Weekly rehearsals are Tuesdays 7:00-9:30 p.m. at Grace United Methodist. New members are always welcome. 

Season Schedule

If you haven't noticed before, the left side bar on this page has a link to our "Season Schedule" page. Click that to see the Season Schedule for orchestra rehearsals. 


DMCO On The Move ...

Your board of directors has many innovations underway for the coming season. Each DMCO member is both owner and responsible for the progress we make as an organization, dedicated to fostering love of the fine arts in our community. To help you keep up to date, here is a summary of some of the more significant changes going on:

Bulk Mailing: The traditional "From the Podium" invitation letter we send out before each concert will now be a post card, and the actual letter will only be on our website. Carl will provide the content earlier than previously, and it will be posted on the website early than previously. Printing and mailing of the post cards will now be handled by our printer. Members no longer will stuff envelopes, print and stick mailing labels, process the mailing through the post office. Huge thanks to those members who did that work for many years in the past. 
By the way, many names on our mailing list have come from musician members adding those names to the mailing list. Perhaps you have family or friends you'd like to add to the mailing list. Use the form on the home page to do that. 

Donation envelopes in the printed programs: When we started having the more robust design of programs, the task of stuffing them with donation envelopes was dropped. Since the envelopes included our mailing address, there has been a drop in donations that were sent in, and perhaps that has also affected donations being made during the concert too. The preprinted envelopes will be returning. If you would like to help with the stuffing, let the board know. Huge thanks to those members who did that work for many years in the past. 

Program notes: Carl has indicated his intention to provide program notes on the website as soon as rehearsals begin so members can see and learn the background to the music before we see it in print on dress rehearsal day, as was the case previously. Same for the From the Podium invitation letter, so check out the wealth of information that is there to deepen your appreciation of the music. 

Endowments: We have at least one "endowment" donation for a musician chair, so will begin identifying that in our printed programs, and hope that might encourage others to make such endowments in the future. This can typically be from family members of musicians, so might be something one of your family members is interested to do. 



Winter storms can affect our rehearsals. Check back here the day of rehearsal to see if there is a cancellation. 
Current Status: no alerts

If that status changes (unlikely), we will update the information here - check here to see the latest.
In any case, YOU should make your own decision about the safety of your vehicle and your driving skills during winter storms.