What To Wear
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The orchestra has the following tradition for concert hall attire:

Please wear our normal black (as black as you can manage) concert attire. 

For men, this means wearing a black suit (or pants and sport coat), a white shirt with a black long tie, and black shoes and socks. 

For women, this may be black pants and top, or appropriately long dress, or skirt and top, along with black hose and shoes. Women's sleeves should be long, please. 

Other matters related to concert day:

No perfume or cologne, please. 

Please also be mindful of stage presence, keeping the stage clear of unnecessary objects, and projecting a cheerful demeanor. Smile, and accept audience appreciation with pleasure! Our audience wants to go home remembering that they heard some good music performed by folks who love what they do. Please help them do that. 

Music stands for concert day are to be black, such as Manhasset stands. Sheslow generally has those available, but their condition is not always ideal, so bring your own if you want to be sure. 

If you carry a cell phone or pager, please make sure the audible signal is turned off.

Don't forget to turn in all music before leaving the concert hall.


Pops Concert is different attire:

If/when we do an outdoor "pops" concert, our attire may be casual: white shirt/blouse, black slacks/long skirts and shoes. No neckties required. No shorts. Skirts are fine, but longer length please. Hats to block sun are fine, but avoid large sizes like "sombreros."